-To clean your board after using it just wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you feel the need you can sponge it with light soapy water.


-For a deep clean scrub with white vinegar or salt to kill unwanted bacteria. Wipe down with clean water and follow re-oiling guidance.


-Re-oiling the wood will freshen up the appearance of the board and provide more durability when used. Every now and then when the board is looking a little dry or you wish to increase the lustre of the wood give it an oiling.


Cover the board with a light, non toxic oil such as flax, linseed, rapeseed or mineral food safe oil. (We don't recomend Olive oil as this can sometimes go sticky and rancid).  Allow the oil to soak in for half an hour and then wipe off any excess with a tissue or dry cloth.


-Wood reacts to wet and extreme conditions. For this reason avoid submerging in water, the dish washer or placing on a direct heat source. 


-The more you oil and care for your board the better it will age!


Wooden Food Board Care & Maintenance Guidance.