Oak from Whitbourne Estate via Whitney Sawmill


This fine Oak has been intentionally grown and fantastically managed over several generations on the Whitbourne Estate. One of a few places in the UK where long term, sustainable forestry has resulted in a great crop of Oak.


It takes hundreds of years of joined up thinking and intent to manage an Oak forest for timber. Generations need to work for future generations and not sell out to short term profits. Replanting and tree management is continuous and creates sustainable forestry. In the meantime nature blossoms with bio diversity and abundance due to such practice. This was a practice for many forests and woodlands across the UK until recent attitudes of short term profit and globalisation have resuted in most sustainable forestry being abandoned. Thanks to the Whitbourne Estate and a few others, sustainable forestry is coming back!



The wood was milled by Whitney Sawmill. Located on the borders between England and Wales. Most of thier wood is sourced locally, all British and grown responsibly sourced. 


Going to this mill is a treat, when I visit im like a kid in a candy shop with rows and rows of timber stacked to the roof.


I usually combine my trip with a visit to the beautiful nearby town of Hay on Wye. 


For further info please go to thier website.