Our specially selected Burr Oak boards are made from wood grain with exquisite pattern and beauty. Each piece is totally unique in grain pattern creating a magnificent addition to any kitchen that wants the best of beauty and function. A real show piece with flare! 

Suitable for food preparation and as a platter for serving food.

Exquisite Burr Oak Collection - Circular handle

  • Each piece is hand crafted from Burr Oak maintaining the natural edges and character of the wood as one solid piece. Shapes the sizes vary slightly board to board within each size category.

    Boards are labelled with a tag which has a unique number allowing you to track the provenance and see where the wood was grown in the UK. Simply use the 'Track My Tree' service on our website.

    If you have a preference for a general shape such as long & narrow, round or fairly square add this in an email when purchasing and we will try to find something as near as possible to match.