Mobile Workshops for Green Woodwork 


We can deliver a unique and different experience to your site with our fully kitted mobile workshop.

This service is proving to be very populr as it delivers all you need at your venue, whether it be an indoor or outdoor event. It can be set up to run courses or provide a comprehensive demonstration facility for special occasions and events.

This service is open to anyone but is typically desired by organisations and collective groups who do not want to travel or have their own space they wish to enhance with a woodworking workshop.

We have enough tools to equip groups of up to ten people per session. This includes shave horses, draw knives, axes, augers, saws and much more! Upon special request we can also bring up to five pole lathes with turning tools.

We can provide nationally recognised accreditation for some of our learning activities such as OCN (open college network).

We also provide all materials unless you have your own you wish to use.

When bookings are taken for the mobile workshop we will discuss your needs, resources and objectives to develop a comprehensive set of activities and training. 


An example of some of the activities we run from the mobile workshop are:

-Introductions to green woodworking

-Basic furniture making

-Woodland management

-Woodland crafts such as hurdles, beesom brooms, gypsy flowers etc.

-OCN training in green woodwork can also be provided in special circumstances.

All courses have full public liabilty insurance for private and public events.