Green Wood Working Overview

Green woodwork essentially means working with unseasoned wood with simple and accessible technology, underpinned by minimal transport of materials and sustainable woodland management.  Crafting green wood develops a deep understanding of the material.  Knowing how wood dries, shrinks and warps whilst cleaving with the grain, together with traditional jointing  skills, results in a product of superior quality. 

Form and finish are often perfected on a pole lathe powered by a foot treadle, this is often referred to as 'Bodging'! Don't be fooled though, a good green woodworker never does a bodge job!  Pedalling the lathe helps us keep fit and creates a dynamic rhythm between the craftsman, tool and product.  When a craftsperson works close to the source of their materials they learn and appreciate how their material is part of a greater whole.

Working in the woods without sophisticated machinery adds to green woodwork's sustainable and harmonious quality that is becoming essential in our world of diminishing resources.  Green woodworkers aim to improve local woodlands and timber supply.  They are able to be resourceful with various shapes and forms of wood, making this a very efficient and low impact form of carpentry. 

Dragonfly Creations is a fusion of traditional skill with contemporary innovation to make diverse, quality items that offer an ecologically and socially better infrastructure for today and tomorrow.