Scott has always had an interest in his natural surroundings, running barefoot as a child and soaking up the outdoors as much as possible.  His background in anthropology and experience of world travel combine with his love for trees and wood. These influences are manifest in his wood craftmanship. 

Scott's lifestyle and livelihood create an earthy, elegant product that is truly local and sustainable.

Being aware of how mankind is readily destroying its planet and cultural conditions, Scott has found a meaningful and lasting relationship between work, culture and environment. 

His creative and colourful approach to life keep him constantly engaged and joyful. Amongst the many interests he has he is a passionate surfer and sea lover, enjoys getting hands on in his woodland and spending quality time with the family.

As Scott has a great sympathy for trees and wood as a material, his talent and skills lend himself to being a green wood craftsman. As he supports his family, and tries to improve how we live on this earth, it has been a natural progression to evolve these interests and passions into Dragonfly Creations.​

Scott Blytt Jordens